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Key, Lock and Card Access Policy

Keys and Locks:

Tenants shall not place any lock(s) on any door in the Premises or Building without Landlord’s prior written consent, which consent shall not be unreasonably withheld, and Landlord shall have the right to retain at all times and to use keys or other access codes or devices to all locks within and into the Premises. A reasonable number of keys to the locks on the entry doors in the Premises shall be furnished by Landlord to Tenant at Tenant’s cost, and Tenant shall not make any duplicate keys. All keys shall be returned to Landlord at the expiration or early termination of their Lease. Key and lock requests can be submitted via the work order system or by contacting the Management Office. There is a nominal charge to the tenant for keys and lock changes.

Card Access:

New Employees:

New Employees of the building will be issued an Access Card upon the submission of a work request via MRI Workspeed (opens in new window). This card will then give you access afterhours to the building and onto your floor. You will only have access during the time that your company has approved on the work request.

You must bring your access card each time you enter or exit the building after hours. After-hour access readers are located at the Ohio Street, Monument Circle, Wabash Street or Scioto Alley entry and exit doors. The access readers are located on the building exterior wall by each door. On these readers there is a small box with a red light. Hold your card in front of the light and it will turn green and the reader will beep, showing that access into the door has been permitted.

There are also card readers in the elevators, which secure the tenant floors after hours. To access your floor, hold your access card in front of the light located to the passenger’s right in the elevator cab. The light will turn green and the reader will beep, press the number of the floor you would like access to. If the floor indicator button lights then access to your floor has been permitted.

If access to the building or a floor is authorized and in the system and your card does not work two consecutive times, please bring your card to the Management Office or Security Office with full details as to the problem with the card. Your card will then be reprogrammed or a new one will be issued.

Please take care of your card. Keep it out of direct sunlight for long periods of time.

Terminated Employees:

Anytime an employee is terminated from your company please notify the Management Office either by calling or placing a work request via MRI Workspeed (opens in new window).

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