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Pandemic Preparedness



There are six (6) different levels of preparation that should be planned for based upon the need and circumstance. Each level is a more heightened level of preparation. For example, if we move from a “Level 1” to a “Level 2”, Level 1 procedures will stay in place with Level 2 being in addition to Level 1.


This level corresponds to the World Health Organization’s (“WHO”) Level 1 - “Low Risk of Human Cases”.

  • Normal business operations; however, identify a pandemic coordinator.
  • Begin to research up-to-date, reliable pandemic information.


This level corresponds to the WHO Level 2 - “Higher Risk of Human Cases”.

  • Monitor the changes of the pandemic.
  • Be aware of government contingency planning.
  • Begin to assess all information available.
  • Establish liaisons/relationships with local health officials.


This level corresponds to the WHO Level 3 - “No or Very Limited Human-To-Human Transmission”.

  • Order hand sanitizer at all Robinson Park employee work areas.
  • Order masks and gloves for all Robinson Park employees.
  • Order tissue for all Robinson Park employee work stations.
  • Frequent cleaning of sidewalks to keep bird droppings at a minimum.
  • Have internet access to building systems up and running for remote monitoring of systems. (EMS and Security systems. Fire System will not be accessible via remote monitoring.)
  • Ensure that cleaning contractor has ample & appropriate supplies ready to clean doorknobs, stair railings, elevator buttons, and any commonly touched areas.
  • Upon notice of limited human to human transmission, purchase 2 months supply of products (masks, gloves, hand sanitizers and sanitizer stations, tissues).


This level corresponds with the WHO Level 4 - “Evidence of Increased Human to Human Transmission.”

  1. Place instant hand sanitizer stations at all entrances of building.
  2. Place instant hand sanitizer stations on all elevator lobby floors outside on stands in elevator lobbies. (Place stations on top of carpet squares to avoid damage from dripping sanitizer liquid onto carpet.)
  3. Place hand sanitizers for restrooms on countertops (antibacterial agents in hand soap currently being used in all restrooms).
  4. Place trash containers outside of restroom doors for disposal of paper towels used to open doors.
  5. Begin to educate staff and tenants on the signs and symptoms of the flu, how it is transmitted, and disseminate information regarding sneeze and cough etiquette. Provide this information in signage placed at building entrances, restrooms on all floors, and use of e-mail communications.
  6. Begin to educate staff and tenants on “Social Distancing”. This will include:
  7. Discourage congregating with large numbers of people.
  8. Encourage telephone communication when possible.
  9. Avoid shaking hands with others.
  10. Stay a minimum of 3 feet apart from another person.
  11. Social Distancing will be encouraged by:
    • Posting signage at entrances of building
    • E-mail Correspondence with Tenants and Employees
    • Post signage in restrooms encouraging frequent washing of hands.
    • Post signage at dock and entrances requiring all vendors and delivery personnel to wash their hands prior to entering building.
    • Post signs in elevators encouraging use of hand sanitizers in elevator lobbies. (Hand sanitizing stations in elevator lobbies.)
    • Mandate hand washing by cafeteria employees.
    • Mandate that Robinson Park & subcontract security employees wipe down all keyboards, phones, desk tops and work stations prior to the start of their shifts. (Including security posts for all security personnel.)
    • Activate internet access to building systems.


This level corresponds with the WHO level 5 - “Evidence of Significant Human to Human Transmission”.

  • Raise stock levels of certain, necessary supplies.
  • Continue disseminating materials covering pandemic basics (as described in Level 4).
  • Continue disseminating materials and supplies in common areas for strategies to minimize the spread.
  • Work with cleaning contractor to step up sanitization process in restrooms, door handles, elevator buttons.


This level corresponds with the WHO level 6 “Efficient and Sustained Human to Human Transmission”.

  • Request that Better Bodies close
  • Mandate use of sick time when 3 of the 5 symptoms are present (Must discuss with Robinson Park Human Resources Department.)
  • Consider limiting points of access and implementing health screening stations. Do not permit contractors into building when 3 of the 5 symptoms are present.
  • Stay in frequent contact with local health authorities to be aware of procedures being implemented by city and state officials that will impact the property.
  • Stay in frequent contact with utility companies to understand their ability to respond to issues impacting the property.
  • Communicate frequently with staff members to stay informed of their work status and to communicate other matters related to the pandemic.
  • Communicate frequently with tenants (emails, emergency contacts) to make sure that they are aware of any staffing issues (response time levels may be impacted) and to inform them of any known exposure from the building staff members.

NOTE: Notwithstanding the foregoing, in the event that the pandemic has been identified in the building, we will automatically activate Level 6 of our Contingency Plan.

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